UCSF postdoctoral scholar Beste Gulsuna, MD

Beste Gulsuna, MD

Postdoctoral Scholar

As a postdoctoral researcher in Ho lab, I am currently investigating the mediating factors of immune response within the tumor microenvironment, while also exploring the mechanisms that modulate anti-tumor immunity. Ultimately, my aim is to translate pre-clinical research into novel therapeutics for pediatric brain tumors.  

I received my M.D. from Istanbul University and completed residency at the Neurosurgery Department of Gazi University. During my final year of residency, I worked as a research fellow at Yeditepe University Microneurosurgery Laboratory, focusing on neuroanatomy, white matter structure, fiber dissection, microsurgical techniques, and imaging/3D modeling techniques.  

Outside of the lab, I enjoy hiking, traveling, playing music, and getting together with friends. 


MD: Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
Residency: Department of Neurosurgery, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey